Oportunidades COL

Mobile app to search Colombia's public contracts.


This is an unofficial mobile app I created because I realized that the official app made by the government was complex to use and didn’t work properly.

The app is developed using Flutter, it is integrated with the official app’s backend and it has the following features:

  1. Register an account
  2. Log into an account
  3. Search processes published by public entities.
  4. Search public entities.
  5. Bookmark entities or processes.
  6. Share processes.
  7. Sort processes by date or value.

One feature I did implement but I disabled because the backend does not work, is notifications. Which should allow people to setup filter about procceses they are interested in and receive notifications when procceses meeting the specified criteria get published.

I am planning to implement this feature by fetching all procceses daily and storing them in a database or as json files in a git repository so that then I could check which procceses are new and be able to send notifications.